The Story of a Song by IamZion


Welcome!  The Story of a Song is the journey I walk and the experiences I have had that provide the wisdom that I use through each day to understand what it is that life is presenting to me each moment.  The Song being written is my life and I intend to make it the best song I can manage and so far, disappointments may be many but they only serve to insist that I press on for the song to divulge it’s full meaning and purpose, and that it is what I do; press on!


I consider myself still young, even though I now 3 children in college; I plan to live forever, I’m rebellious like that.  All three of my children are off seeking their futures at 3 different universities and I am very proud of each of them.  They worked hard and continue to push themselves to establish the lives they desire and accomplish the dreams they have, and I endeavor to do the same.  The experience I share here is part of that process, I have found I am my own best teacher and when I write, I learn.  So, often I haven’t really thought about my posts until after I’ve written them, and I will reread them over and over, as if they were written specifically for me, and in that I learn!

These posts I write are varied in their subject matter, yet I can share some common themes that I write about often.  In college I was a Religious Studies major along with Psychology.  I draw from both as I seek to understand the meanings of life, religion, purpose, and truth.  I have journaled and sought such Wisdom for all of my adult life and I  enjoy contemplating upon these things and even learning as I write and begin to place the pieces of the puzzle gleaned over the years together.  I look deep in to things and write what I find.  In the interior of self I am always seeing the world and humanity form a perspective that might be unique, I’ll need a few more years of comments before I stake that claim; my ideas are definitely foreign to those that I knew as a child, and in middle class suburbia my thoughts don’t always fit with staunch conservatism, but I let everybody speak their mind and listen to better understand even if we may never agree, it is the mutual respect that allows for opposing views to be firm in commitment and yet still learn to love the dialogue and the opportunities to really know.

I love writing!  This first year on this blog has been amazing, as I have seen my followers move up over a 1000, which only spurs me to continue as it is no secret, affirmation is a sweet reward.  I am now working on my first novel and so it is becoming a common theme as well to share the joys and struggles of stepping out to pursue a dream and a new career.  I am passionate about my new direction in my professional and personal life, and I chose to place confidence in my ability to hone my skill into a lifetime of purpose found in the various mediums that I now endeavor to proliferate with my ideas, stories, beliefs, passions, and humor.

I once again tell you I am honored by your presence.  I thank you for spending a few minutes of your day at my internet abode, I hope it is a valuable investment or at least not a complete waste of time.  This front page is static and I never post here, but the most recent posts will be on the current posts page, while the remaining works will continue on after that if your so inclined to remain or return for further exploration.  Please see the link in the top menu bar under the heading “Current Posts”.

Peace be with you!


let life begin

7 thoughts on “The Story of a Song by IamZion

  1. Thanks for stopping by. we share some things in common: I am a licensed processional counselor, pastor, social science and education BA MDiv and MSE, love philosophy!

  2. We are called in one way or another because we are receptive to His voice. Your words have a strong foundation of truth attached to them…one selfless and genuine. I am blessed that you visited me! Your words are here are but one of many songs which you will continue to share always. I am moved by the life within your words and I will follow your blog site also. God bless you, and your family my brother!

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