Embracing Calamity

“Only he who is willing to give his body for the sake of the world

is fit to be entrusted with the world.  

Only he who can do it with love

is worthy of being the steward of the world.”

                    ~Lao Tsu

Embracing calamity as a sacrament of Life is part of the Way and a Truth that we all must face though few choose to accept.  We don’t search for adversity, nor deliberately put ourselves in the path of hardship, but we should never give over to the woe of the moment either.

It is a difficult task to remain calm in times of crisis, even more so to be thankful for the opportunity to experience the tribulation.  I am learning this lesson even as I type this. Continue reading

Reflective Light

I find the early morning hours to be my favorite time of day now.  It is odd how this came about, because I have a lot of trouble with insomnia and it use to be frustrating to me that I couldn’t sleep, until I chose to embrace the hours and spend it writing, reading and meditating….now, from 1 am to 5 am is my most productive and focused wakeful hours I spend and I look forward to them, come 5pm I WANT to go to bed so that I can get up and have this time to myself, away from the world, away from business, away from distractions….simple contemplation and sprinkled heavily with productive writing which, for me, is a contemplative action:  forgive my boldness, but I learn more from my writing than I ever do reading others works; I am my favorite teacher! Continue reading


“We make a vessel from a lump of clay; it is the empty space within the vessel that make it useful.

We make doors and windows for a room; but it is these empty spaces that make the room livable.

Thus, while the tangible has advantages, it is the intangible that makes it useful.”

                          ~Lao Tsu


Truth is found beyond the veil of the empirical.  The 5 senses allow us to understand the facts of this world in which we live, to discern the cause and effect of what we can experience with them, while theory allows us to suppose about the possibilities of more, and then explore through these senses by expanding our depth with them to confirm or annul what we conceived about the world we live.  All of this is wonderful, but incomplete.   Continue reading

The selfless self!

“The Sage wants to remain behind,

But finds himself at the head of others;

Reckons himself out,

But finds himself safe and secure.

Is it not because he is selfless

That his Self is realized?”

           ~Lao Tsu

Anyone who has began the journey of loving another unconditionally will soon discover that the self, that inner part of us that always came first until this venture, must be made sacrifice for the good of the Beloved.   Continue reading

Becoming One with the Day

I slip through the doorway into the the night with a silent movement.  In the darkness I again find my repose.  In the effortless tune of tranquility I hear the melody of the day begin to play as the pitch of black becomes deep blue.  The rhythm is already in motion through the taps upon the tin above me from the tears of the night born this morn as the joy of dawn. Continue reading

The Birth of Silence

In the darkness I am open with a sight not known to me.  Standing at the edge of nothingness, when all that is fades from shape and future into a formless void, I see the beginning of all things as it was before the birth of creation.  The breath of Me is still present, I can know it yet separated from an empirical perception, in a state of existence where senses are bereft of knowledge and an effortless consciousness is required to become aware of the unattainable…tranquil silence. Continue reading

The Interior Life

“One of the most important–and most neglected–elements in the beginnings of the interior life is the ability to respond to reality, to see the value and the beauty in ordinary things, to come alive to the splendor that is all around us in the creatures of God.” (No Man is an Island, by Thomas Merton, p.33)

The interior life is that which makes us and defines us, thus a lack of an interior life defines us as a person living for exterior things:  wealth, power, fame, sex, drugs, alcohol, entertainment, sports, and the list goes on.  These things are NOT inherently bad, yet the life that is centered on the accumulation of these things and/or experiences remain shallow and often miss the value of Truth, and importance of the people, places, and things too, that are in their lives everyday. Continue reading