The Language of God

darkness and silenceThere are places and experiences that speak to the soul, that develop our interior and allow us to grow, to learn….to become.  Inevitably I find that silence always surrounds these.  Those who spend their lives filling the void with noise…something to distract them from the reality that they are alone, will always struggle to develop and mature as humans, as man and woman, and whatever awaits us beyond the mortal toil we call life.

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Gospel of Thomas (v.9)

The sower went out, filled his hand and sowed.  Some seeds fell on the road; birds came and gathered them up.  Others fell on the rock and did not root in the earth and did not produce.  Others fell among thorns; the thorns choked the seeds and worms ate them.  But others fell on good ground and brought forth good fruit.  These yielded sixty per measure and one hundred and twenty measures.

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The selfless self!

“The Sage wants to remain behind,

But finds himself at the head of others;

Reckons himself out,

But finds himself safe and secure.

Is it not because he is selfless

That his Self is realized?”

           ~Lao Tsu

Anyone who has began the journey of loving another unconditionally will soon discover that the self, that inner part of us that always came first until this venture, must be made sacrifice for the good of the Beloved.   Continue reading

Gospel of Thomas (v.4)

Jesus said, “The person advanced in days will not hesitate to ask an infant of seven days about the place of life, and that person will live.  For many who are first will be last and they will become a single one.” (v.4)


Androgynous: referring to an individual with both masculine and feminine characteristics.

There is much to the mystery here, but there are so many stories in common to ancient literature about becoming One.  A common theme in the Gospel of Thomas, and my opinion why the Council of Nicea did not include it in the Christian canon, is Jesus doesn’t teach an end time scenario of wrath and retribution against sinners, but rather a return to the beginning, a return to how things were prior to the division of Man and Woman. Continue reading