The Sacred

long-journeyA day off, and I need a change of scenery!  I need more than that…I need to experience something of significance.  I need to step out of my day to day, beyond the casual escape of the routine and into the profound; I need to step into something Sacred. Continue reading

An Aspect of Compassion

“One aspect of compasion is to respect others’ rights and to respect others’ views.  That is the basis of reconciliation.  The human spirit of reconciliation based on compassion is working deep down, whether the person really knows it or not.  

Our basic human nature is gentleness; therefore, no matter how much we go through violence and other bad things, ultimately the proper solution is to return to human feeling and affection.  So affection or compassion is not only a religious matter, but in our day-to-day life it is quite indispensable.

                     ~Dahli Lama

Respect, much of what I came to believe during my youth had to be unlearned for me to understand the Wisdom I have found to be essential in embracing different religions and cultures.  I was raised on television bravado, such as John Wayne, where respect had to be earned or you didn’t get it.  This is a TERRIBLE foreign relations policy Continue reading

The Joy of Blogging

When I first googled the word “blog” this last April I had never even read a blog, much less written one.  I never had any interest in it, but a friend had suggested it might be a good idea for me and I knew I had a natural talent for writing ever since college.  Back then, I preferred classes with a 10 page final instead of a test because I new I would get an “A” in that class, without much time investment.  I have been writing a  journal for over 20 years, so in a certain since, I’ve been preparing for this for a very long time, but I didn’t know I would come to enjoy it so much. Continue reading

A brief description of yesterday…

I perched upon a clifftop in the afternoon sun and watched as a mist sailed across the ocean and make a port of call.  From my height I couldn’t tell if it touched the beach or simply ghosted above, yet it enveloped me in a veil of cumulus wonder. Continue reading


I believe if someone desires to see dreams come true then half efforts are worthless, it’s got to be all or nothing.  My dreams are huge, and yet it’s the intangible dreams that are the biggest for me, and as long as my needs are met then I am free to pursue those huge dreams.

I made a decision, to put my income on the field of my writing, because I desire to be a writer. Continue reading

Reflective Light

I find the early morning hours to be my favorite time of day now.  It is odd how this came about, because I have a lot of trouble with insomnia and it use to be frustrating to me that I couldn’t sleep, until I chose to embrace the hours and spend it writing, reading and meditating….now, from 1 am to 5 am is my most productive and focused wakeful hours I spend and I look forward to them, come 5pm I WANT to go to bed so that I can get up and have this time to myself, away from the world, away from business, away from distractions….simple contemplation and sprinkled heavily with productive writing which, for me, is a contemplative action:  forgive my boldness, but I learn more from my writing than I ever do reading others works; I am my favorite teacher! Continue reading

Becoming One with the Day

I slip through the doorway into the the night with a silent movement.  In the darkness I again find my repose.  In the effortless tune of tranquility I hear the melody of the day begin to play as the pitch of black becomes deep blue.  The rhythm is already in motion through the taps upon the tin above me from the tears of the night born this morn as the joy of dawn. Continue reading

The Birth of Silence

In the darkness I am open with a sight not known to me.  Standing at the edge of nothingness, when all that is fades from shape and future into a formless void, I see the beginning of all things as it was before the birth of creation.  The breath of Me is still present, I can know it yet separated from an empirical perception, in a state of existence where senses are bereft of knowledge and an effortless consciousness is required to become aware of the unattainable…tranquil silence. Continue reading

Sunsets in Hawaii

One of my favorite places on Earth is the Big Island of Hawaii.  And on that island I have many locations that are close to my Heart, places that inspire me, places that resonate with the Peace of my Soul, places that sing with the rhythm of the Universe, and I love the time I have spent in each of them, and plan to again.  There are many places in this world I wish to visit, and I know I will find in each of them some sacred spot that speaks to me, but Hawaii is always a place I will return again and again…I just fit there, a place I can always find myself when I get too much of the world going on in my head, so today I’m going to share a little bit about sunsets in my place of refuge. Continue reading

One of my favorite places…

Pondering the world from the heavenly places.

I know my time is very limited before my departure from Hawaii, on Monday.  On my way to the East side to stay with friends in Hilo, I detoured from the saddle to traverse the peaks of Mauna Kea, and stroll at heights that allow me the unique vantage of quite literally being able to stand above the city of Gods, and ponder why they chose Mount Olympus (a mere 10k ft elevation).

Mauna Kea, means White Mountain in the native language of the Hawaiians, one of the only places to experience snow in this tropical paradise.  The air is crisp today, and the cool temp has a strange dichotomy with the warmth of the tropical sun that warms the skin and scorches the rocks.  It feels odd yet comforting, to be cold, and aware of an impending burn about to form on one’s bare chest.  Given my disability, and the unique way I have at viewing life around me, I’m always attracted to duality in every experience in this life.  To be above the world, above it’s problems, above the chaos, yet still a part of it all…there is so much to take in with each nuance of experience in this place above the Gods.

Today, I take my throne upon the White Mountain and write of Love and Gods, while feeling peace and balance with the universe both still above me and so much of my experience received from the realms below me.  It’s been 3 years since I last sat upon this throne, and though I cherrish the memory, I’m far more inclined to leave this position today reaping the Wisdom of the moment far into the future than upon my last visitation.

My Mountain, my Throne, my Moment, I shall experience you again….