Teachers aren’t always who we expect them to be…

My foster son!  I learned more from him than any teacher I ever had.  He was a Filipino, very wise, and…. retarded!  🙂

I met this boy when he in his 30’s.  He was mute, blind in one eye, diagnosed as down-syndrome, and in need of care for the rest of his life.  I was living in Hawaii, and took a position helping adults with disabilities; that is how we met.

I remember the first day we spent together.  I took Tracey to the beach.  He played in the water, then afterwards I had to escort him to the public shower so he could bathe.  We had an altercation!  He doesn’t like other people telling him what to do!  I know this very well, but then, he is telling me this, without language (he’s mute), and I don’t get it!!  So he gets pissed, tries to head but me….little fucker is 4’9, he looks like he 10 years old, but, stronger that any mother fucker I’ve ever met in my life!!  I’m just “a little” quicker than him…I mean just a little…he misses me but I’m flabbergasted by his assault, and looking him, I say, “so, you don’t like being told what to do?  And you don’t speak!  Show me what to do teacher!”  I swear to god the biggest fucking grin you could ever see spread across Tracey’s face.  And he smiled, and I said, ” I’m sorry, I was out of line.”  And he patted me on the head, and gave me hug like a child hugging his father.

That was my first day with wisest man I’ve ever met.   In the years that passed after this, this wise man became my son; but most of all, my friend, and my teacher!  🙂

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