Venting about a work ethic!

There is something seriously wrong with people today.  I’m not trying to point fingers, but goddamn’t why does everybody think that the entire fucking world should be catered to them!!  I swear to God I find this everywhere!  It’s like the entire culture here in America thinks that if I don’t get what I want, I should bitch, and if it doesn’t happen then it’s conspiracy against me!

Seriously, when you have a problem with your neighbor, do you go to your neighbor, or go to your landlord?  When you have a problem with you coworker, do you go to that coworker, or do you go to your boss?  Do you want to save the relationship or just be right?  I’m of the conclusion that there is virtually no one who actually cares about their relationships anymore, they don’t want to fix it, they want to be right, and they want their way!! Period!!!  So they don’t care!  I just want the problem solved, and I shouldn’t have to deal with it!!  Are you fucking kidding me!!!!!!!  Is anyone actually mature in America anymore??????

I raised three children, that I’m very proud of, and I have to say, I wish at any moment I could have them as my employees, because even though they may dislike me at times, they wouldn’t become a barrier to the job, they would do what was expected of them.  I would put my three children up against anybody in a contest to accomplish what needs to be done; they will get the job done.  I wasn’t the best father, I have my issues, but I taught them to survive, and I taught them to succeed.  I don’t care why???  We have a generation of why it should be my way…and I don’t care…no one should care.  It’s only a matter of why, when your paying the bill, or it’s your cost in some other way…otherwise, it’s a matter of what your paid to do! Period.  If you don’t feel you should being doing that, then what your saying is, I don’t feel that I should work here!  An agreement to work for said pay, entitles the owner to expect that you do the work!  Get it!!

If you don’t feel it’s enough pay, negotiate, or change jobs.  That’s what unions are for.  I’m not pro or against at this moment.  The basics aren’t really what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about no matter where in the U.S. I go, no matter what job, a third of the employees do nothing but bitch about having to do MORE work, having do “their” job…having to do “whatever”…GODDAMN’T..that’s what I mean…you don’t fucking get it!  Your not at home!  It’s not about you and never should have been.  You are working for someone, for pay, with others, for pay, and remember that…it aint your home, it aint your way.  Your being paid to be there to do a certain task, so do it!  If you can’t…go somewhere else!

That’s what I’m bitching about.  Cause I gotta work with you…and my employers hate it and can’t say shit about it.   It’s annoying…I needed to vent!

3 thoughts on “Venting about a work ethic!

  1. …it is called entitlement…say a prayer for them and then be the change you want to see in the world. I know it is difficult but our culture is presently consumed by self…as are some other cultures…but very apparent in our country. Still pray. Breathe. Reconnect and do the Good. : )

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