Just give the dollar!!

Something to consider in light of the Truth.

Something to consider in light of the Truth.

“Give strong drink to him who is perishing, And wine to him whose life is bitter.”  Proverbs 31:6

I can’t tell how many times I’ve heard Christians give me their reasons, justifications, and lectures on why they are so much more true to their God, because they withhold the dollar to the homeless man, lest it be spent on booze or drugs.  Some even go so far to say as I will offer them a meal, of course that isn’t what they were asking for…is it?

If I was having a heart attack, hands gripping my chest, fallen on the ground, pain obvious by expression, and I scream, “Someone call an ambulance!”   Would you buy me a phone?  Obviously, what I really need is the means to call my own ambulance!

Not every homeless person will spend the ONE dollar that we would give them on drink or drugs, but lets just assume for the moment every one of them would; why should it matter?  It’s not good for them…neither is your coffee!  They live on the street, who knows what baggage they carry and scars they bear, and what they are asking for is the help to escape for the moment; cause they just can’t stand being here and going through it.  Life for them sucks!!!  And we debate the merits of giving them that dollar as though, a God of compassion smiles upon his faithful for being so prudent to not enable such behavior!   If you believe the Bible is inerrant, he wrote that fucking proverb I quoted at the beginning! Why???, because God is compassionate!  Unconditional Love!!  It doesn’t ask why…nor, what will happen if???  God knows some people are desperate to escape, and I honestly believe if you bore their life for a time, you might just want to escape yourself…and God says, it’s wise to let them…for some, the burden is too great.  Quote “he gives us no greater burden than we can bear” all you want, if it were true, suicide would never have been a reality!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve always kept dollars in my pocket just to give away.  I’ve never been rich, but I have always thought, “I can afford to give away a dollar today!”  I don’t always do it, but what I don’t want to do, is come up with a reason why I shouldn’t give someone a dollar that is begging for it…because that is despicable!  If your gonna claim you believe the teachings of Christ, at least start by trying to live like him…he never once gave a sermon why he shouldn’t give someone the shirt off his back!

It won’t cost you even $30 per month to keep one dollar in your pocket with the expectation that I’m going to give it away; someone asked, and you met their need.   I doubt you meet even one person a day for the opportunity, but if you do, the most your out is $30 per month.   If your God is who you believe him to be, the gift is between you and him, the spending of it is between him and the recipient; your no longer involved.  Just give the dollar.

I had a friend, who didn’t know, probably still doesn’t know, that I routinely give dollars to those I see on the streets begging for them.  He isn’t a religious man.  His name is Chris.  He is one of my best friends, but I don’t think I was ever so proud to be his friend as the day we were driving home from work, and a homeless man was on the side of the road with a sign and we stopped at the light…I started to reach for a dollar, and he hands me a $5 and takes my dollar…”it’ from both of us.”   So I hand the man the five.  I’ll never forget what Chris did for the man neither of us knew that day, because the only motivation he had was to help someone in need…for me, that should be a Christian…but I won’t dishonor the man by saying he is; but he is one guy that deserves the title, because he didn’t go to church, make a confession, or proclaim a belief to earn it!!  He chose to help another in need, and gave without expectation of return, and without regard as to how it would be spent.

Just give the dollar..it really means more than you could ever know.


7 thoughts on “Just give the dollar!!

  1. Hi.
    Thank you shedding light on giving. I would think like that at times and it wasn healthy. There are so many sriptures on giving and that is why I try and give all the time. There is no substitute for being generous. I like how you made the distinction between giving and what the poor does with the money. Our job is to give. What the poor do with the money is not our problem. We are called to give to the poor, help the poor….Great post


  2. It is about the ‘connection’. Humans avoid this due to many reasons…most of them not of God. When you extend your hand to another,in an act of charity, an unspoken bond of love and concern is made. This is God working in us. One to the other.
    I do like the thrust of your blog. May I offer the idea that religion is not always bad no more than giving money to a heroin addict is bad. For religion is oft the vehicle wherein a soul finds God. And yes…just as money can be used for evil, so the darkness can contort religion to it’s covert agenda. However this is not always the case as there are no absolutes when it comes to living in union with Our Creator. God is ever creative in calling souls to Table. May your days always be blessed and a deep blessing to others. Thank you for your thoughtful wrting.

    • I have to agree with you that Religion itself is not bad, it’s only when humans get involved that it can go either way. 🙂 I am aware that my experience with the Christian religion does carry some baggage and that obviously comes through in my thoughts, words and so forth, but I don’t discount the value of it, nor that I discovered the Truths I live by starting my journey in the Christian religion.

      Thank you for sharing!

  3. You’re touching on some very sensitive subjects, this one in particular is near and dear to my heart. We have always taught our daughters to give with a joyful heart. We are blessed beyond measure and should not withhold from those in need. What they do with the RMB is not up to us; but, how we react to that need is our responsibility. We have a monster responsibility to lead by example and in a Christ like way. I once took a few photos of my young daughter giving to people on the street. I couldn’t bring myself to share the photo. I had a series of homeless/begging photo’s to do post on part of the culture of Shanghai; however, I felt I was glorifying my blog with their misfortune.

    P.S – When I say we are blessed beyond measure I don’t mean financially. I mean those of us who have food on the table, a roof over our heads, money to pay the heat bill, and a coat to wear on cold days is by far wealthier than the homeless and beggar.


  4. I always wondered where that quote came from: “God never give us more than we can bear.” It’s not in the Bible. But sometimes we do get more than we can bear…without Him. And you don’t “have” to go to church to be a Christian. But you are right, some (just some) Christians don’t really act how they believe. I try not to generalize as they have that person in all religions. And you don’t have to be a Christian to be Christ-like. Compassion is the word of the day.

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