Dr. Zion :-) (deciding???)

Sometimes what I see in a girl can't be captured in a photo...

Sometimes what I see in a girl can’t be captured in a photo…

In 1999, I was on the phone with  Princeton University; I was seriously considering pursing my religious studies in Theology through them, and I had the grades to get in…that year saw the end of a marriage, me with three children under 8 on my own, and some serious depression!  I have the degree…I’ve written the thesis…I’m no where near who I was then.  

I can no longer be the local minister.   I just don’t fit that calling anymore.   I faced death, I’ve faced the worst of the worst…I have memories that hell could not achieve to inflict upon it’s victims…for me Life is more than what you believe…it’s who you are inside.  It’s who you are when no one is watching…it’s what you do, when it’s only up to you, and what you decide when your all alone.  These declare your character, and it’s these decisions that judge us, because it’s these that influence every other part of our life even when we don’t see it!

I didn’t get the ivy league degree.  I raised three children that I know will shine no matter where their paths take them; I’m proud of that!!  I’ve learned and pursued a course that has separated me from the conservative faiths, and to some degree even academic circles, but I did study, I do write, and I have learned a great deal more than I ever intended to learn…and for this I’m now a Doctor of Divinity.  Having the degree in hand seems to carry a lot more weight than just the idea of it….especially the words “for completion of studies”.   I like that a lot!!

I hoping to become a chaplain to many faiths with my degree.  I can’t just reach out to the needs of one…I must help anyone in need; and that is what I want to do, use what I’ve learned for the good of others in whatever I can.  🙂




P.S.  Vanity might actually win the day and entice me to use Dr. Zion. LOL


4 thoughts on “Dr. Zion :-) (deciding???)

  1. Identifying our personal triggers is quite helpful. Sometimes we end up boxing ourselves in by other people’s expectations. For instance, it is widely believed that someone must enjoy small children to be motherly. Or that same person should want to be around their child(ren) 24/7. Society puts major pressure on us. But the fact is – none of us thrive in exactly the same way. Once we accept our own personality for what it is, we can then move on to loving ourselves.

    • I wasn’t quite sure what brought about this response to this particular post…but I have to agree…that is what experience has taught me; very apt analogies as well. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I love your last paragraph especially the part where you say you want to be a chaplain to many faiths. There are so many lost souls that don’t realize they are lost. It takes someone that is not honed in to, “one”, belief system to reach them. Different people have different needs.

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