The Sacred

long-journeyA day off, and I need a change of scenery!  I need more than that…I need to experience something of significance.  I need to step out of my day to day, beyond the casual escape of the routine and into the profound; I need to step into something Sacred.

For some people this going to church, not me.  Church has become a place of business; the majority of the people that work there, don’t work anywhere else, so guess what??  It’s a job; your the customer…it’s a service, and I guarantee, a majority Christians shop for a church that meets there particular desires, just like any other commodity!  But that is not what this post is about, I’m just saying…if you want to step away, you don’t do what you always do; for me, I wanted to remember why I believe what I believe, and why I am who I am; the everyday has sapped some of that from me, and I knew where to go…to my roots…what made me a man destined to be fascinated with Religions and Truth.  I went to the past.  I went to a museum!

Sunday January 19th 2014 080

When I visit a museum, I’m not there to view like I’m touring a mall!  I want to learn about the items on exhibit.  I read the information, I watch the films, I take the time to experience what has been put up for exhibition, along with the effort invested into the presentation.  The fact that it’s free at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, beyond the special exhibits (which I was favored with the experience for free anyway) is amazing, and I hope something that always remains true thanks to their very generous benefactors.  It is a time for reflection.  It is an experience to remember.  And it is a wonderful place to find oneself again.

It is not just by chance that I sought out this venue.  The institute was presenting for a limited time a presentation they have called “the Sacred.”  It is a collection of works from all over the world, that are considered “holy” and also convey certain aspects of religious veneration.  They include the powerful, the concept of death, music, journey, participation, and much more.

I’m a very spiritual man; no longer a very religious man, I must admit, but I’m stepping back into, at least to degree, that service…because I know my calling is to help those in need, and my angst with Religion itself stifled that for awhile.  I’m finding my way again!

I put some photos up on Facebook page of the trip.  I only made it through a fifth of the exhibit, the Asian chapter and Sacred Exhibit.  It will take a few more trips to experience the whole thing.  Your welcome to visit.  I believe my Facebook page is listed below the comments section.

I had such a great day!


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  1. This is powerful as you’ve echoed many of things that I wrestle with on the daily. Searching for myself has proved to be a labor of love and thusly, I still have a lot to learn about myself.

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