titles_of_honor_1614I have earned honor, received honor, and it must be said that I have also acted dishonorably in my lifetime.  I’m stepping into something that it would benefit me to acknowledge honors I would never have considered before, because I believe a name should announce who you are more than a title.  My name is Zion, and for those who know me, I hope it means…that’s a friend you can depend on, that’s a man who is willing to go the extra mile and more, and that is a man that won’t ever believe a person can’t reach their potential, and I’ll believe in you.  I know it means:  I’ve walked roads nobody else has walked!  I’ve made mistakes; I’ve made bad choices, but I’ve made GOOD choices that overshadow all the others!

I’m now a Doctor of Divinity!  I don’t really care…but it does allow me to step into some volunteer opportunities that I couldn’t do otherwise…but I don’t want to be Dr. Zion…the honorable Zion is a much more attractive title to me, because it means to me that I am being recognized not for what I’ve accomplished but for who I am.

Honor is a part of my character.  It has saved me more times than I can recite.  The fact that I have been a very bad boy at times can’t be argued, but I always remembered I NEED to be this kind of friend; I NEED to be TRUE to what I believe; I NEED to follow through with this purpose; all of these testaments have allowed me to earn my honor…and my friends will testify to this, because they have been a part of me earning that.

I am the Honorable Zion Amoure.  I know I’ve earned that!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Honor

  1. I have been along those roads in the past, and will still encounter some in the future, but I will daily seek to lift, inspire and heal with the words God has gifted me, that I might serve others lovingly each day. You will also be the same. When you truly love, that love becomes an addiction, and when you share His love with another it blossoms and is life changing. May you always be abundantly blessed, for it is in your heart to humbly share. I love the message in your words. God bless!

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