successful-relationshipsThis ain’t an add for a girlfriend…but people ask me, what are you looking for in a partner?  Well, this is what I’m looking for!

It has to be more than physical; I can’t just think your hot and that is enough; nor can it be that I love your company, but I ain’t attracted to you at all.   There is a balance, and both play into it.

I’m working very hard to achieve a certain physical appearance…I go to the gym, I won’t let my gym membership slide, if I can’t go, I work out at home or outside.  I haven’t achieved my goal, but I won’t let it go!!!  So, someone who doesn’t consider her physical appearance and strive to maintain it would be a negative; this doesn’t mean perfection, it means it’s an active part of their life and something they work at everyday.

I’ve met a lot of beautiful women, and I ain’t interested because they don’t pursue anything beyond the average.  They know movies, tv, the latest gossip of everyone, and nothing else!!!  NO!!  Do you read?  Do you learn?  Is life more than media, movies, anime, games, and bullshit?  I don’t care if you have a degree, but I care that you seek knowledge, and have an interest in learning about, whatever, but something that makes you grow as person, and in a field of study.

Thirdly, I am a spiritual person.  I like to investigate what people believe.  I also like to assist when people need someone who understands spiritual things. I will never be the minister in your local church, but I will be a chaplain to anyone who believes in a life beyond what they know; be it Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Pagan, or whatever…and I will never place my beliefs as rules upon their lives…I will help them as they are and in whatever way I am able.  I expect a woman in my life to accept this, even if she is a devout conservative Christian; she has to accept I’m not.  I’m about the person, not about the Christ!

Fourth, if a woman wants to see me more than once…goddamn’t make me work for a night with you!  I won’t go home with a slut!  PERIOD!  I don’t care if people sleep around, I did.  I don’t care if she used too!  What I care about, is that she respects herself enough to know that sex can be much more than just:  OMG I came!!  It’s an intimate experience, and one I now choose to share with only someone I’m seriously interested in investing my life with here as a couple (married or not is not important to me.)

And last, she has to set a standard that requires me to be more than I am.  The man I have become, is someone I like…I can live with me the rest of my life, without a wife, or a girlfriend, and be perfectly happy with who I am…I need someone who inspires to be more…because I always want to become more, but I don’t need to become more to be happy; I need someone to inspire me.  Someone who sees my worth will not only be this person, but strive to always be such a person in my life…and thus, I become the very same thing for her!

I need someone who sees my Halo, because if I’m interested in you, I’m already seeing yours!!

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  1. Keep your standards. The women who read this were able to see in a different light, whether they had the courage to comment, or not. Thank you for posting this. It’s refreshing to here this from a male perspective.

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