Dust to dust (experiencing God)

light through the cloudsWhat does God say to me?  What are my experiences with God?  These are personal experiences I ain’t willing to share, and it frustrates some of my readers.  I will share what I know in what you should seek, but I won’t share more than that…you have to find it on your own!!

If I were to ask you, what is sex with your wife like?  I want details, share with me the experience, cause I want to experience it too!  Does that seem a little inappropriate to you?  That is what I think about people who share their “spiritual” experiences…their personal, meant for one person, not for others.  Glean what you can from it, is my advice.  I can say this emphatically, if you don’t seek such an encounter, you’ll never have one; so don’t worry about it!  If you do, you will, but whether or not you want what you find is not a guarantee!  I’m serious about that!

I have no problems stating that I know God better than I knew my ex wife after ten years of marriage.  Why?  Because I didn’t give up living with God!  I gave up relationships, I gave up on religion, but I did both because I never gave up on seeking God…which I found outside of marriage, outside of church, outside of everything.  I’m not saying God isn’t in religion, or that people who are in religions don’t know God, I’m saying I found through experience that God is more than these can bring to a persons life, and in my life, actually hampered it!


I don’t preach salvation!  You don’t need to be saved.  But you do have needs!!!  I think it is wrong to teach a culture that what they are looking for is always in the imaginary, it’s always something that we can’t expect until we are dead!!  We ain’t dead!!!!!!  We are alive, and it’s what we experience here that makes the difference on who we “might” become.  Life is always born, it evolves from what it was born, but it don’t change for nothing to something…it’s either always something, or never is at all.   Ashes to ashes …dust to dust.

Experiencing God, is something we must seek to find…and coming from someone who share every Goddamn thing I experience in this physical world on Facebook, and here in this blog…I think it says a lot more when I don’t share, and what I don’t share, to those who are paying attention…but maybe that is just to much to believe.


4 thoughts on “Dust to dust (experiencing God)

  1. In view of this post, I can’t imagine why you want to follow my blog, though I’m glad you do. I say that because I share a lot of my experience with God, what he teaches me, and my response to him. I don’t see that as betraying something sacredly private, but rather, as sharing something of eternal value. May God bless you as you follow his lead.

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I understand what you mean in your post, to a degree. I only share on my blog what I feel comfortable sharing, but I don’t think that everything God means for me is meant for everyone else, and vice versa. Personally, I have problems with others corporately praying out loud and expecting me to “join in.” Prayer is intensely private to me, kind of like pillow talk between my husband and myself should be (following your analogy!). I appreciate your insights!

  3. You just shared much more than I ever have publicly. This is your decision and remains as such. I have always been a ‘private’ person. However, I believe making your own way in life is the best path.

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