Time to set new goals!

goal-settingIt’s that time a year for me…I need to start setting goals for the next year of things I want to accomplish, things I desire to see become a reality in my life, and things I want to begin.  I use to be very good about this, but I’ve let the practice lapse and have paid the price for my lack of discipline. Now, however, I’m tired of being listless and must renew the passion I once had for the rewards of a disciplined lifestyle, the rewards that come with a sense of accomplishment, the benefits of looking backward at the end of an achievement and knowing the joy of the victory that comes with setting goals and holding myself accountable to their accomplishment!  It’s time to renew my previous determination for achievement.  🙂

For the first goals I am going to be very shallow and narcissistic; I’m concerned with my appearance and I want to lose 40 pounds this year and further develop my core muscle structure.  I’ve joined a gym, one I am thoroughly impressed with, I’ve enjoyed some nice gyms, but I must admit, never to the level of service I find at this facility…they are assisting me in setting my own personal plan, which includes an in-house lab for blood-work, so metabolic, triglycerides, and other such concerns can be included in the program, all included with cost of membership (which doesn’t necessitate a contract!)  I’ll go ahead and give them a plug “Lifetime Fitness“, (for my friends in Oregon & Hawaii, I’m sorry, they aren’t there.)

I will post my goals in a week or so, they will consist of the afore-mentioned health and exercise, plus my writing goals for the year, and something I would like to learn, becoming more fluent with the French language is high on my list.

Thinking about what we want in life, and then planning for that achievement is what goal setting is about:  the framework for bringing those dreams into reality.  If we were to take a look at the most successful people in business, athletics, team sports, or companies we would find that they have set goals common-goal-setting-11to bring those achievements into reality.  I don’t expect to set goals to achieve things I am not naturally gifted for, I think about what it is I like to do, what I naturally excel in and now I set goals to help me focus on bringing those talents to a more guided and useful purpose in my life and then achieve some level of personal success through the accomplishment of these goals that I will set up in the days ahead.  I fully expect to see my life change as a result of putting these efforts at the forefront of my life and in a years time I will write another blog based on what it is I have achieved as a result of this practice.  Then I will set new goals based on those achievements and how I perceive my dreams from that point forward.

I regret allowing this particular skill slip from my everyday, and I am excited to see the transformation again as I renew my efforts in this vital tool for a successful future.