I gained it slow…

I gained it slow,

by climbing slow,

by catching at the twigs that grow,

between the bliss and me…

                            Emily Dickinson

Some poems, prose, and lyrics have a way of staying with us for a long time.   These few words here remind me of how hard and how long the process can be in the gaining of wisdom.  There are no quick answers, simple often enough, but we live with our enlightened minds only a thought away from grasping that necessary truth that would have changed so much for good or bad had we not been so sure that the answer wasn’t already with us.  Often we understand ourselves to be so knowledgeable about the things that impact our lives and the lives of others our failure is what it means to be blind, while the foolish some how trip over every little thing until they need that one rare treasure of insight, and they don’t miss it.

Jesus taught this in a parable and I must admit I have walked in both shoes.  I’ve been the one who was sure that I knew what I needed to know, only to painfully go through the drawn out process of gaining some humility and finally realizing my arrogance, my reasoning, became the mountain that blocked my path from learning the Truth long before.  I have as well been the fool that was expected to die young rather than live to see my children grow to be such fine young adults, and the last one that would have been sought for the wisdom of a sage, the knowledge of the past, or the experience to help guide another into the soul-searching examination to reveal the very best and very worst of ourselves and come to peace with what we find.

I had these simple and beautiful words written in the “about me” section of my Facebook page for the last several years, and I removed them today and didn’t want to discard such meaningful  verse without bringing it into my blog and allowing this to rest and shine in the pages of my journey as recorded here, between the bliss and me.