A new beginning…

The only way to see the ending is to stand at the beginning.

The only way to see the ending is to stand at the beginning.

For the last two days I’ve been diligently pushing myself to learn about social networks, the intricacies of website management, and the frustrations of being completely foreign to the code and necessary knowledge to not find myself spending hours to try to perform a task, only to suffer repeated failure for the effort.  I found a way to satisfy my design desires for my by blog, while the added features that I will eventually add are on my to do list; continual education into a vital market for me as a writer.

As an introvert I find this adventure I’m on a contradiction. I easily find myself in temporary seclusion, pouring over books, contemplating matters of the mind and the spiritual life that has enticed me much as writing does.  Over the last year I’ve allowed myself to share a great deal through my endeavors at maintaining a public blog for the first time.  It is a natural fit to be alone and typing and then at the same time effectively reaching over a 1000 people with the silent voice of my words; the internet has broadened my circle of fellowship and it appears will be growing exponentially as the year progresses and I build this network of fellow bloggers, writers, seekers tweeters, teachers, and more.

This passion of writing is having several effects on me that are very positive, challenging but edifying in its allure.  I have wanted to know more about computers and I’ve wanted to stretch out of my comfort zone of isolation for a very long time.  Although, the price I always felt wasn’t worth the burden of taking on such a task.  Yet, as I seek to build a synchronicity among the various social sites, blogger groups, writer’s guilds, and pursue the drive to increase the traffic upon my website, I am eagerly devouring the vast resources at my fingertips to guide me into this cacophony of new information and determination to meet the requirements of building a grand design of interconnectedness, something that is also void and new to my everyday.  I like that I’m so eager to finally be doing something with meaning, and tapping into the wealth of experience that was not always my pleasure to attain; still, it brought me to a where I am and from I stand I only see a beginning, not so much the ending of what has been.  There is remarkable excitement to witnessing the socialnetworkingCeltic Knot coil it’s way through existence and now I have been brought into the mystery in its endless circuit.  It is a  humble thing so observe life, knowing with it’s many variables that random is unavoidable and yet the beauty of how these entangled circumstances, choices, plans , and dreams seem to flow in their ironic and seductive pattern is nothing shy of amazing.  Or maybe its just a masterpiece of cinematic chaos, to which I say ….encore.

Well,I have a few blog groups to attend, a profile to finish, and couple of more sites to sync up before I relent to fatigue and stiff muscles from so much time spent in this quest.  No matter how tired I am though, I am so thankful to finally find that niche in which I fit, and it feels good; I am in my element in the effort and fatigue.

Peace be with you,


7 thoughts on “A new beginning…

  1. It is all pretty overwhelming at first, but there are lots of ways to make it easier for yourself, and it does get easier as you go along, especially if you focus on just two social networks. Focus on building a quality presence rather than a presence in many places.

    I’m thrilled that you’ve found your niche and I love reading these posts. I hope you’ll be blogging for quite some time to come.

  2. Social media is an ever-expanding platform, new sites are opening up all the time and it’s hard to work out which ones to use. I say go with what you enjoy, it’s much better to do one well than try to spread across them all and not keep up.

  3. Zion.
    I feel so much the same way. Truth. This new world that has become my own has changed every part of my own life. I feel it has truly made me a better person, Mother, manager and leader. I am humbled, daily, by what I find, what I read, the people I meet. …and my own heart grows stronger.
    Thank you for being here.

    • Thank you for sharing that. It is true, it is a powerful medium and rich environment for growth both of self and our ever growing community of fellowship which this allows, and has been new to me, but I like it. 🙂

  4. You are not alone, my friend. Let me assure you of that. I can’t give you any advice because I am in the midst of the same whirrly-swirrly vortex of trying to manage various social media sites without knowing what to do. Shutting off my computer always seems a good strategy, though!

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