Faith or Imagination?

I have found that much of what I use to believe or call faith was just imagination.  When I was younger and new to Christianity they told me to have faith and God would grant me that which I asked of him….then they would add, “as long as it isn’t selfish.”  It took me years of frustrated blind ignorance to come to understand that everything is selfish when I’m not surrendered to someone or something greater than myself.  Even my prayers for others would be selfish, or my service to the poor.  It all stems from “I feel sympathy” or “I feel good when I do this for you, or others”.  It all has a motivational basis within us that in some way or another ultimately comes back to what we get from the action.  

Faith isn’t something that we produce, or wish for, or dream up.  In Hebrews, it states:  “Faith is the evidence of things unseen.”  Faith is a verdict produced by the evidence we’ve already accepted as true.  Faith isn’t something we use for ourselves it is something others see in us when they can’t understand why or how we are doing what were doing and yet they see us and know we’ve done something….they just don’t get it.  Faith is that which we wear that proves there is more to grasp and understand than others are giving credit too.

So when someone says you have to have faith in God, I laugh, because I know that someone who has never experienced God is never going to have any faith.  It also yells aloud for those that do that there is a blind person attempting to lead a blind person and they are both in need of assistance.

I have faith in Love.  When people read what I write they know I’ve been in love, am in love and that I have an obsession with writing about that which I have so much passion for…love.  It wasn’t always this way, and in fact only recently has such faith begun to shine.  I know it’s there but it is not something that I use, it isn’t meant for me, it’s meant for others to see in me.

When people understand what faith is then they can identify others who have it…it is a lighthouse for those sailing in uncharted waters.  Faith tells us there is something that they understand that we don’t and it might be wise to at least pay attention to them.  People always site the miracles of Jesus for being what brought the crowds but the miracles came later while the crowds were already listening  What really got their attention was that he would teach them and he had faith in what he taught, but they couldn’t grasp it.  “He taught them not like the scribes and pharisees but as if he knew”  To know something in scripture is the same as sexual intercourse, it is a complete understanding of another thing, naked to the mind inside and out.  That is to know.  Faith is evident that someone “knows” what they are doing.  They aren’t just guessing, hoping, praying for this or that to happen….they aren’t just making grand statements that, “God told me you will be healed of that cancer.”  Faith is what you would have seen had they healed you of that cancer and you marveled as they walked away.  The other is just the delusion of the mind.  I’ve never done that before by the way and so I have no faith that I can do such things.

Just some thoughts to consider for those asking questions in themselves about what do I believe and what to expect from people who claim to have faith.  Expect them to produce for you what their life shows they have done.  Anything less will just wound you in your search for understanding things beyond your wisdom.  And don’t expect to just have faith in God, that is produced by searching until you find.  God isn’t an idea, or something that can be read about but that is for another post.

Peace to you.

10 thoughts on “Faith or Imagination?

  1. Someone wise said “faith without work is dead.” Your post made me happy, and it made me think of all the AA meetings I have been to with my family growing up at the same time. True faith is when G-d delivers you from the belly of the whale. What you had before was hope, it was honest, it was commendable, but you have to go through an experience in which you can do nothing but surrender and howl the name of G-d in all it’s variations, and watch yourself be delivered– before you can say you have faith. You have to be tested like Daniel in the Lion’s Den… And I’m Muslim 😉 ❤ Great Post here iamzion!

  2. Thank you for the eloquent reminder of a fundamental truth. One way I write scripture on my heart is to to cross stitch the verses. In my bedroom, there is a cross stitch that reads – Let us love one another, because God is love. We must reach beyond ourselves to understand the live force of the universe, with or without a name, God or no God. May the love you know create peace in your life and the lives or those you touch.

  3. faith is something you have or you don’t. it can grow as you ‘exercise’ it (simply put, exercising faith is ‘relying upon’ what you believe, trusting that it will hold you up in times of trouble as well as success)
    it is also something that can shrink and become void as you allow fear and indecision to limit your ‘exercise’ (see above explanation)
    i alternate between fear and faith as i suppose most do. “Lord, help my unbelief”

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