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It takes some fortitude to do what is best, what in our soul is right, and yet be the accused in the eyes of many.I use my blog for many things, mostly to share my thoughts on spiritual writings, the contemplation of Love & Peace, and the methods I use to gain Wisdom.  I also use it to share my struggles, pain, and passions.  I try my best to embrace all faiths and include all peoples in my journey.  I struggle most with those who are racist, demeaning towards women, and those who absolutely can’t see outside their own limited box, even enough to just let people be.

I come under attack sometimes because of my inclusive views. From the fundamentalist persuasion I’m a false teacher, a false prophet, worthy of hell and death.  It amazes me that I incite such venomous attack with my words of Love and and quest for peaceful relations.  I clearly state that I’m not a conservative Christian.  I’m even willing not to be called a Christian, if it offends them that I consider myself tutored by the teaching of Jesus.  I’ve patterned much of my views and life after what he taught.  I make it no secret that I don’t hold the Bible any more sacred than other sacred texts, nor do I hold it less.  I make it no secret that I incorporate Buddhist, Taoist, and many other practices in my own version of Spirituality.  I keep everything out there for people to know so there is no hidden agenda, that if someone chooses to read my posts and is enlightened by something I write and chooses to embrace it for themselves that they do so without me being a proselytizer of my beliefs, they do so of their own free will.  I would and will never do otherwise, at least not consciously, and I hope not unconsciously.

In response to such accusations I usually try to find a way to accept what they say, “I’m willing to be judged by my words” is a common response and I am.  I have no fear of the judgement of God, for perfect Love casts out all fear (1st John 4:18).  That is from their Bible, but I do not argue with them, I merely accept that their Bible also states “but false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies , even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves.  Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; and in their greed they will exploit you with false words.”  (2 Peter 2:1-3)  I do not call it my Bible because the code I live by is “written upon my heart.”  My rules are for me to obey, not for me to place over others.  I have no desire to start yet another denomination because I can’t get along with everybody else.  In fact, I find it difficult to practice in religion in a Christian church not because I disagree with them but because I’m so outside of the box that I’m considered a heretic and I won’t pretend to be one of them simply to be included, I want to be accepted as I am or not at all.  I learned that from Jesus.

I enjoy Catholic services the most, I love the theater of the whole Eucharist, and I like the ritualistic and poetic movement of the process.  There is two eons of meaning behind everything performed in each service; it is beautiful to reflect upon.  Surprisingly I’m more welcome among them than I ever would be in say a Baptist church, which I attended as a younger man; I find that ironic considering their positions on the Law relative to each other.  I can accept any theology, because I’m not bound to it, so I don’t use that as an exclusive aspect, it’s can they accept me that I find more compelling to association, I don’t want to be a source of division to anybody’s religion.

Anyway, I carry on, as I am, and I hope if it wasn’t already clear where I stand that this helps rectify that.  Thank you my fellow bloggers for your patience with me and for all those who have accepted me as I am.

5 thoughts on “As I am

  1. Sounds thought out to me! You’re right to go with what your ‘within’ is telling you in this case. Actually, there’s a fair bit of the post that’s had me nodding in recognition!

    It does alternately amuse me and makes me wince when I hear church services that talk about the one true religion and one true god. It’s what YOU make of it. God /Goddess /Universe, whatever that spiritual something is for you, is that spiritual something – for you. None of it’s right, or wrong. It’s all there for us to work with, challenge or dispute. But do so with an open heart and spirit. And potentially agree to disagree, if the need arises!

    Sue @

  2. ” the code I live by is “written upon my heart.””
    In this you have greater faith and sense of that which we call God, than dare I say most people who enter church each Sunday.
    Please do keep writing as you are.

  3. Beautiful post! I agree with this sentiment completely! Although, half of my family is catholic, the other half is Baptist, and I do prefer the baptist church service. Sidenote: This is really reminding me how long it’s been since I stepped into a church. I should make a return.

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