The Breath of Life

I’ve mentioned often my quest for Wisdom and seeking silent serenity through prayer and meditation.  It is not always easy to quiet the mind especially for someone who has ADHD and is Schizophrenic.  The mind races all the time and though medicine help quiet that down some it is still like trying to find a quiet moment in Grand Central Station.  

As of yet, I find it near impossible to go for extended periods of time in a state of controlled quietness, so I’m developing short bursts throughout my day to help keep me centered.  I take a few minutes several times per day to separate myself from the world and seeking the solace of One and to tune myself again and again to the Universe as a whole.

I focus on my breathing and journey inward, until everything is still and ponder each breath and there I listen to the silence and find the still, small, and soundless voice.

It is intriguing to me to learn that in ancient Hebrew the name of God, YHWH (pronounced Yahweh), is considered to be an attempt to pronounce the sound made while breathing in and out.  Breath in (Yah), breath out (weh)!  “Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7)  Even early man understood the significance of breath and it’s relationship to a living person.

Don’t trip over the side issues of whether or not this is fact or fiction.  The Truth of the Myth is deeper than such trivialities. All life breathes, so in essence with every breath all forms of life are giving praise and homage to their creator with each and every breath that is taken during their cycle of Life, whether we are aware of it or not.  The fish, the birds, the mammals, and each and every sentient being gives praise…praise in, praise out…breathe in, breathe out….Yah…weh.  It is beautiful to contemplate.  I find it equally fascinating that breathing as a center for meditation is found not just in Western Judeo/Christian heritage but Eastern traditions as well.  There is always commonalities that can be found to build bonds together rather than picking at the differences and wedging us apart.  We all breathe!

So in the silence I discover again and again my connection to everything and everyone, and my journey becomes less and less a pursuit for self and more for the better of all.  For to change me is better for the whole to grow in Wisdom is better for everyone, and to seek Peace brings Peace to everyone by starting with the one I have control over, myself; I am connected to everyone therefore I bring Peace to everyone in my efforts with silence.

Just something I’m passing on for contemplation.

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  1. Don’t worry about not attaining extended periods of quiet, it’ll come. You’re doing the right thing, working with what you have. All positive there! And, downright practical too. Keep plugging. However short those sessions might be, each one helps – well, it clearly seems to be helping, so keep on that tack until you sense a change is in order or possible (and you want to follow that course).

    Like the last paragraph. Totally agree. Isn’t it odd, that the wider you become aware of that Universal connectedness, the better you feel? Yes, you have an inkling of just how little a cog you are in the Universe, but it doesn’t matter as you feel whole. Connected and content with your lot. The trick is to keep grounded and not get too carried away with it, but do remember the peace it can bring you as it’s very healing. 😀

    Sue @

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    Well I am a Muslim with General Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, and Major Depressive Disorder and I can REALLY relate to this post my Dear, especially the Racing Thoughts, praying for you (and me too) 😉 ❤

  3. The very breath we have right now if because of the Lord. In him is light and no darkness at all! That revelation can free you from a lot of hang ups and frustrations!

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