Gospel of Thomas (v.9)

The sower went out, filled his hand and sowed.  Some seeds fell on the road; birds came and gathered them up.  Others fell on the rock and did not root in the earth and did not produce.  Others fell among thorns; the thorns choked the seeds and worms ate them.  But others fell on good ground and brought forth good fruit.  These yielded sixty per measure and one hundred and twenty measures.

This particular verse is very similar to those found in the Canonical Gospels (Matthew 13, and Mark 4).  I think it is more potent and powerful here though, because it is among so many verses that are not explained and the seed is said to represent the words of Jesus being given to different types of people on different places along the journey to spiritual maturity.

Some never receive the Words he speaks because they don’t value it, it doesn’t even get a chance to grow because they don’t plant it within themselves.  Some receive it only as a shallow understanding, and again no depth to their soul is reached through it.  Some grow a little but soon wither away because they don’t tend to word once it is planted, meditating upon it, and seeking to see it become all it can be in their life.  All of these fall short of what I would call the beginning of the journey, and I have seen life from each of these stages along the path, and only now do I feel I’ve actually begun to truly grow roots that are deep and produce Wisdom and Understanding as their fruits.  Only those who hear the teachings of Jesus, meditate on them, seek to get the most out of what he was trying to teach and apply it to their lives are those represented by the good soil.

It is unfortunate that so many “Christians” are so busy worshiping Jesus, that they don’t bother to hear what he actually taught and follow in his path.  I’m now considered a heretic and a false teacher among conservative fundamentalists, which I consider an honor, so was Jesus considered to be among his own people (especially the Pharisees, those who were adamant about following the rules to the letter.)!

3 thoughts on “Gospel of Thomas (v.9)

  1. “It is unfortunate that so many “Christians” are so busy worshiping Jesus, that they don’t bother to hear what he actually taught and follow in his path.” It’s important, no matter what walk of faith, to live it…lead by example. Jesus and all the great teachers through time did that.

  2. I like the way you think. I personally think that nothing is ever completely lost, like the seeds that get eaten by the birds, wise words told to one person may influence another positively.

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