The voice of God

“Few things under heaven are as instructive as the lessons of Silence”

~Lao Tsu

In the early morn, the stillness of darkness is balanced by the passive reflection of the bright moon.  There are no clouds and though my part of the world is covered in shadow, the ambient glow makes the aura of the hour much more compelling to be awake.

It is during such times that I sit and listen to the Universe.  The stars speak with wordless twinkle and the power of their speech is beyond understanding.  As awe inspiring as the Starry Night be, it is the space between, the silent emptiness that fills the void throughout the whole that is the loudest.  As water fills the gaps in the rocks so space fills all that is not touched by the substantive reality.

I believe this is why most people miss the instruction of God.  They look for thoughts, sound, or something to read, and miss the intimate touch of a lover that knows exactly how to say, “I love you” with complete silence.  So much can be communicated with the emptiness of sound, and yet few listen to silence.  In fact our world seems to spend much of it’s energy in flight from Silence, with music, television, something to make background noise when we are alone, it is almost like we as a people are afraid of what Silence has to say to us.

It is in Silence that we find the space within us is filled by the voluminous substance of nothing that fills the Universe, and it is that very nothing that is more real than the corporeal clothing that surrounds it, for that is the Presence of Eternity, and the voice of God is found within.

5 thoughts on “The voice of God

  1. You are so right. Silence is the only place we are real, where the truth lies. We run from silence because we’re afraid of what it might say to us, we’re afraid of the truth. All addiction is a distraction from the silence, from the truth. I wish you well on your journey of sobriety. Keep dwelling there in the silence. You’ll find the love you’ve always searched for, in that place.

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  3. Mmmmm. There is so much to hear in the silence. I think that’s why a lot of people are uncomfortable without constant noise to drown out the inner wisdom. They may have to listen…

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