Love Eternal

Sometimes my worst nights are followed by my greatest insights into myself and the Truths this Life presents to me.  As I lay in the darkness, unable to sleep, but neither am I plagued with the mental attacks I wrote of yesterday, I am overwhelmed with the Truth that I am centered in Love and that Love is with me through the best of times and the worst of times, even when I lose sight of it.

Unconditional Love, the spark of the Divine that indwells all things and gives Life to ALL, is the only real eternal Truth.  I believe that the more I am in tune with this Love, the deeds that I perform in this Love, the compassion that I show others, the gentleness and care I give to Universe in which I live, are the moments that become eternal.  The words, deeds, and actions or non-actions taken apart from this Love will pass away.  Even the most heanous and evil perpretrators in history have a spark of this divine Love within them, and it remains forever, and the greatest blessing on the world is the day the rest of their life passes away as though it never was and never to return again.

I don’t believe in Hell.  I don’t demand punishment for crimes beyond the here and now, and there is no room for this in the Divine Reality of Unconditional Love.  Just let it be over and let the evil pass away, as night turns to day, and let the Light carry on as it always does, creating life and opportunity for each of us to partake of that Eternal source, that fountain of Divine Love that is ever flowing and ever Present.

6 thoughts on “Love Eternal

  1. Being ruled by fear alone never ends well. Making decisions based on fear leaves us wondering what happened and why things didn’t turn out the way we wanted. We too late realize the missed opportunities if only we had waited.

  2. I am insprired by your words ! Thankyou for sharing with the world all that you unconditionsally offer. I love your blog and thanks for the follow 🙂 I need more of this light in my life….and I believe Law of Attraction has brought me everything I desire. I desire love and understanding for truth and gentleness in receiving it.

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