I’ve mentioned before that I’m sort of a loner, the solitary type; I keep to myself, and strive for the knowledge that can only be found within oneself most of all, and then look for it in kind in the world in which I dwell.  However, friendship isn’t really based on what we have in kind, of course that might be part of it, but similarities and interests that are of a same nature only give a common frame of reference, real friendship is something much more intimate.

As a young boy, I changed schools 4 times in six grades, and I was usually popular, but I only made one or two what I would call friends.  I would wait and attach to one or two with the only exception being high school, it was the only school I was at for more than 2 years in a row, and the friends I made there, are still my friends 20 years later.  We don’t have a lot in common.  My friends like man things, sports, cars, sex, and some like history, military, and guns, I like feminine things intimacy, romance, passion, and writing!  I like to be open in my journals and my blog.  I taught myself to like football, because I saw I didn’t have a whole lot in common with men and I wanted to fit in, but even so, I like the game, but I just don’t care about the statistics, fitting in just isn’t that important to me.  My best friends, the ones I’ve known all of my adult life, I can’t even tell you what they drive….a car or truck is the best I can do, if I try real hard I might know the color, but I doubt it.

I have this friend, my best friend.  We have seen and been through some of the toughest roads life can bring.  We knew each other young, before struggles, he’s had marriages, I’ve had one; we saw each other through drug addiction, and came out the other side of it.  And there is nothing, come hell or high water that I wouldn’t do for him, and I know he feels the same.  He is gifted in physical work, give him wood, drywall, and plastic, and he will build you a house, where I would have just pile of shit.  Talk to him about star wars, football, music, or work and he will always have the answer, and I will be saying, “duhhhhhh”, well, maybe not music.  My gifts are in religious studies and writing….I quote Longfellow, Scripture, and Lao Tzu.  In many ways we are as different as night is to day, but neither us would ever would ever choose a life without the other as a part of it; it just wouldn’t be good enough.  I can say it to the world, and he can say it to me….which is just fine.

My best friend, this is for you….I never want you to  doubt how much you mean to me, Chris.  Thanks for always being there!


10 thoughts on “Friends

  1. My husband is my best friend! I love that quote because it reminds me of the days we go for long drives and are comfortable in the silence, without even a radio, just knowing we’re at each others side is the best! Excellent post!

  2. A beautiful tribute to your friend Chris and I’m quite sure you made him smile. Your friendship is like the Yin and the Yang – polar opposites that keep the circle intact. A rare gift indeed.

  3. My journey is quite similar in many ways. It took 63 years of living to discover my truth. I am introspective, alone but not lonely, walked out of the cage, stayed around the vicinity of the cage for years, and now find myself looking from the forest out at the empty cage within which I lived. Today, I am fresh in this moment, allowing flow. Every moment holds 65 instances that make up the moment. Staying present to “what is,” and “as it is,” has been my life’s calling. I have arrived. I am in the “here and now,” as Thich Nhat Hanh states. Thank you for sharing your journey. I was able to share a bit about mine. Conditions created the opportunity to intersect in traceless time and space. A deep bow.

  4. Like many of us, star seeds whom have roamed and traveled afar across the galaxies, feeling alone is a norm and perhaps living in solitude serve the best form of shelter from the many extreme dualities experienced on earth. Cherish the heart felt friendship 🙂

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