The Long Journey of Self

The journey into the self is the greatest journey of discovery that I have ever traversed.  It has no end as long as I’m alive, I keep evolving, I keep discovering deeper levels to who I am and Truths that define me not only as a person, but as One with humanity and the rest of the Universe.

In learning who I am, I learn to accept who I am and love me with the unconditional surrender that I find taught by the Masters of many different faiths.  Acceptance and unconditional Love allow me to find perfection in imperfection, meaning I allow myself to make mistakes, and accept that sometimes I need forgiveness more than I need to change, because I see that I’m making do as best I can with the skills and tools I have in place to use, and that is all that I can expect.  Change is gradual evolution that requires the patience found in Unconditional Love, and as I see things that I eventually would like to change, I know that eventuality will come about as I assess what needs to take place and what tools/skills I am deficient at allowing success to occur.

Another important aspect to this journey is that the more patience and acceptance I grant myself , the more compassion I feel for humanity and the Universe in which we all dwell.  My desires for the world in which we live to be filled with the blessing of extending such patience and acceptance towards each other is a slow process as well, and begins with me embracing my fellow humans in a Spirit of Peace, that allows them to grow in their own Way, in their own time, at their pace willing to help if needed and willing to stand back and let them be as well.

As with all my posts, I find so many people have this genuine aspect to compassion, and they are eager to uplift and uphold those who are in need of them at any given time.  I’ve expressed my appreciation and the joy of this find in my fellow bloggers on in previous posts, and the since of support and affection, as well as Truth and advice I receive invites openness from my perspective.  It is easy to be open when a since of safety is instilled by all the kind replies that I receive.  And once again I want to say thank you to everyone who has shared some of themselves with me via comments and support.  I appreciate each and every one of you.

In Love and Peace,



10 thoughts on “The Long Journey of Self

  1. One thing that I’ve found along my own journey is that “who I am” changes. Everything and everyone changes. Change is, ironically, the only thing that stays constant. The Universe has a delightful sense of humor! 🙂

  2. I have a blog on Newsvine but came over here and have found a lot of folks I really can relate to who share many of my points of view on spiritual matters. Since starting to follow your blog I have found yet another kindred soul. Great post.

  3. And this is what we come for! To live a deliberate life created by ourselves so that we, the Self can pick up and discover each missing link that makes up its entire life story. Go with the flow and embrace the moment when it rises, retreat to the silence of all that is without a need to explain. Continue to breathe, Zion 🙂

  4. I admire your post, and notice you were following mine. I value that immensely. I find that I am only to be myself, and do my best, I am not perfect, nor do I seek perfection, only to do my part into the greater ways that many things work together for the benefit of all. I am not part of all things for all people. We are all children of God, forever, one family, but we also grow up and become separate individuals by living our lives and learning as we do so. We bring this individuation to our wholeness of being, spirit, body, soul and mind. But, we forever relate to our humanity family, but we are separate individuals in it. we do the part we can, out of how we live our lives.

    Lorna, Who I am changes, I am 87, and it is still true. But life is good, but not easy.

    Brenda, It is like peeling an onion, and each layer seems worse, but comes off easier. I started with my first inner guidance and rude awakening in 1947

    Sayamber, Welcome to WordPress. I have a spiritual view posted today, in the middle of telling my life story, about Oneness and also being separate individuals, both true aspects of who we are.

  5. I think you hit on an important point. People expect change to be instantaneous, probably because of our instant gratification process. But like you mentioned it’s more of an evolution or journey, and we rarely take a look back and see how far we’ve progressed but instead look at all the mountain ahead of us we have left to climb.

    And I loved that your post was poetic in many ways–at least it was to me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this part, “the more patience and acceptance I grant myself , the more compassion I feel for humanity and the Universe in which we all dwell.” So beautifuly stated. Thank you.

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