Gospel of Thomas (v.7)

“Blessed is the lion that the man shall eat,

so that the lion will become human.

Cursed is the man whom the lion shall eat,

and the lion will become human.”  (v.7)

When I read this verse, and meditate upon it, I keep revolving around the term “Lion of Judah”, a reference for Jesus in the Christian tradition.  I believe in prophecy, and I believe that because we all are indwelt by the Presence of the Creator then we all have access to knowledge beyond the 5 senses, learning to understand that knowledge and how to use the vision of that knowledge is not something I believe is widely known, nor even accepted.

I believe this verse was spoken in a prophetic since by Jesus in regards to what would become instituted as the Eucharist, or Communion as it is also referred too.  “I am the Bread of Life.” (John 6:48) and when the Bread in the celebration is consumed we become One physically with that which we have absorbed.  The Catholic tradition believes in transubstantiation, the actual non-duality of the Real Presence of their Lord and the Bread, whereas Protestants, for the most part, believe it is symbolic, but the meaning is the same…a practice instituted in remembrance.   A blessing for the person that participates in this is promised….and speaking for myself, I always feel an increased since of Awe and Wonder during the celebration of the Eucharistic rite and of Oneness with all things and times immediately following communion, so I believe there is a blessing received.

The curse is for that part of us that ceases to exist as we gradually are consumed by the Presence within us.  I have continually written about this Presence and will maintain this, for I know for a fact this Presence is slowly consuming all of me and I am eager and thankful to be that consumption; that which remains is what allows me to see in a way I never dreamed possible until now.  I love deeper, I give myself more, I care about my fellow man, and most of all, I actually want to stay alive, and I’ve known too many long periods of wanting nothing more than for this life to be over, and that man is disappearing more and more each day.

I don’t know what everyone’s blessings will be as they come into communion with the Presence within us, but I can tell you from experience, it is a Real Presence, and one that pushes the Life into me.  🙂

13 thoughts on “Gospel of Thomas (v.7)

  1. “I am the Bread of Life” is the verse I thought of also when I read this Gospel of Thomas verse. We must be nourished by the Word of God and united with Jesus who came down from heaven. Jesus was the living bread. I enjoy your writing on this subject.

  2. I try to get me some more of that presence every day. I would rather give up everything I’m doing and everyone I know for what God has planned for me. Sometimes I forget that I was an atheist for ten years, but not often.

  3. I am blown away by the truth contained in Gal. 2:20 “it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me – and the life I now live is by faith in the Son of God who died for me” When Paul wrote this he was explaining to the church that his old sinful nature was crucified with Christ – and he was reborn a new creation. Heady stuff, cheers Graeme.

  4. “I actually want to stay alive, and I’ve known too many long periods of wanting nothing more than for this life to be over, and that man is disappearing more and more each day.” – couldn’t agree more!

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