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A common theme to my interior life and thus to much of my creations is Unconditional Love.  It is devotion and passion without boundaries.  It is something that at birth we are all capable of giving for it appears to be imprinted upon us through the process of creation itself.  With the first kiss of breath, that very moment that Life sparks within the essence of a babe the ability to Love is Present, only through experience and degeneration are we brought low to exist with the walls of fear for possible injury and threat to our emotional and physical security.  The child clings to the parent and even if they don’t deserve their affection it is given regardless until it has sustained too much damage to do so anymore and the learned behaviors of self-protection and the mind’s insistance upon control take over and we experience the tarnished remnants of perfection in need of care and repair.

The perfection of that creation is still Present within us, only forgotten and left abandoned upon the altar of self.  The Truth of this Presence is that it is One with all things, the very fabric of DNA and the building blocks of earth, fire, air, and water are filled with the One that is both now and forever.  I prefer to use the term Presence as apposed to God, not because I don’t personally believe in God, nor because I don’t have a vibrant and deep spiritual Life, but because the term itself has suffered the same abuse as us and it means so many different things to different people and different cultures.  For some the term God is revolting and antagonistic, for others it is a judge who will one day weigh the balance of our lives, still others it is a term used of many living things, while some believe there can be only One and HE is out there somewhere, and I understand God through my experience with this Presence to be Unconditional Love, completely obsessed with having a relationship with ME, and not allowing for there to be any standard, any rule, any place or any time that would ever prevent this relationship from being COMPLETE, LACKING IN NOTHING.

This Presence is in all of us, on every path, in every thing, at every time.  The only thing in our way from stepping into the beginning of a relationship with this Presence is the lives we insist are too important to let go, our own.  Yet, it isn’t a difficult thing, it’s a little inconsequential movement at first to regain what was forgotten in the formation of our psyches.  First, we open ourselves up to the possibility, not a belief, not a hope, not a yes or a no, just the possibility that “I am Loved” exactly as I am, for all I am and all I am not, fat/thin/old/young/normal/handicapped/beautiful/ugly/suave/unsophisticated/verbose/mute, for all our attributes for good or ill, I begin with being “open” that maybe, just maybe, there is a Presence that sees past all of this and loves ME.  That is the only step that is necessary to begin on the journey to regain the perfection within, which really isn’t lost, just forgotten and waiting ever so patiently to be our Paradise Regained.

Remember, this Presence, if any so choose to open themselves up to, is within, always and forever with us, exactly as we are.  Once this Truth is confirmed by the silent Presence itself, no other will ever be able to take that Truth away from you, not by deception, nor force, not compulsion, nor delusion will be able to fetter the Perfection of the Presence away from you.  In this, we are given the opportunity to become the greatest gift to this world, an avenue of Unconditional Love to another.  And once again, the process becomes alive and we become the walking, breathing, living person of the Presence able to give no matter how we are treated, accepted or rejected, because we are brought to Life by a Love from within us, and can draw attention to the Love that is waiting ever so patiently within another so that they can become whole again themselves.

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    • Is after step one and a detail that I wouldn’t be involved with since it would be subjective to the person making the step, I can only be certain of my own walk.

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog and subscribing also. I’ve perused yours also and it appears very interesting. I’m particularly interested in the gospel of Thomas.

  2. I prefer the names of God, or the Buddhist practice of describing the divine as what is is not. The trouble with using any sort of words for the Presence is our limited perspective, that reduces that divine spark into less than what it is.

    • Yes, it is always difficult to describe something that has no space and time to confine it for description, the best we can do is focus on an attribute and speak of our experience in, with, and through it. Thank you for the comment.

  3. You came to visit my blog and I decided to reciprocate and have found a kindred soul in you. Beautiful writing here and full of things I’ve had to learn the hard way!

    • Fortunately the “hard way” is a very good way to learn, we often learn most and best by making the mistakes, rather than just avoiding them. I’m glad you found me to be a kindred spirit and I hope you continue to find these creations interesting. Peace be with you.

  4. I appreciated several of your posts, especially this one and your post on thankfulness …an area that I need to work on!

    13 days to go until the Big Day… good luck!

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