I believe if someone desires to see dreams come true then half efforts are worthless, it’s got to be all or nothing.  My dreams are huge, and yet it’s the intangible dreams that are the biggest for me, and as long as my needs are met then I am free to pursue those huge dreams.

I made a decision, to put my income on the field of my writing, because I desire to be a writer.  So, I’m going into business for myself, my main drive will be Wisdom and Spiritual works, because those are the Dreams that will change peoples lives and help to cultivate avenues of peace, between people, and yes, I dare to dream of nations….a world in Peace is my grandest dream of all.

Along with my delusions of grandeur I have a 13 volume fantasy/sci-fi series I am slowly creating the paradigm and cast of characters, along with an epic quatrain entitled “the Dwarf” that I expect I will be working on for a decade, it’s not a small step in creation.  In my fiction work, unlike my wisdom and spiritual writings, I need a lot of planning and plot development because I like to write in duality and even multiplicity so that stories take on more than one meaning for the reader.  It will take some time to develop these story lines, and so it will be my journalism and short story work that will have to pay the bills or find myself flipping burgers at the McDonald’s….because I won’t go back to a job that I don’t have to put all my effort into writing to make it.

I figure I can live off a little income, selling my stories and writings for a few years while I work on the novels, and I’m not allowing the vision of them not selling to be in this.  If they don’t sell, I keep at it until they do sell!  My children are grown, I am single, I have the desire, and so I can put myself in this high risk situation…I’m strong enough to carry these dreams and crazy enough to pursue them at all cost to myself!

I’ve found my happy thought, it’s time to fly…so…here…..we ….GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

10 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Awesome! Following your dreams is a difficult road, but there are no regrets along it … and the amazing unknown of whatever God has in store for you :-). I have done things that I never thought I would experience since I made a similar decision … what I somewhat lack in material riches, I have more than made up for in life experiences. I’m sure God has something special in store for you.

  2. I wish you the very best on your goals! This is just a thought – but I think any writing that conveys truth naturally has meaning on multiple levels – if we’re lucky!

  3. Dear Zion,

    I AM = Intention + Attention = Manifestation

    Not delusions of grandeur, but seeing through the veil of illusion to your true Self. I strongly look forward to reading your 13 volume sci-fi series. If you can, please put a few female protagonists in there.

    Love & light,

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