“We make a vessel from a lump of clay; it is the empty space within the vessel that make it useful.

We make doors and windows for a room; but it is these empty spaces that make the room livable.

Thus, while the tangible has advantages, it is the intangible that makes it useful.”

                          ~Lao Tsu


Truth is found beyond the veil of the empirical.  The 5 senses allow us to understand the facts of this world in which we live, to discern the cause and effect of what we can experience with them, while theory allows us to suppose about the possibilities of more, and then explore through these senses by expanding our depth with them to confirm or annul what we conceived about the world we live.  All of this is wonderful, but incomplete.  

It is in the emptiness, the very space that seems to be vacant that I find to be the most helpful in living in this world.  I, of course, am referring to the spiritual Truth of what is overlooked by many is found by few, yet even in the empirical universe there is more emptiness than concreteness, simply look up at night and realize the distance between each star to understand this fact; that is why they call it “space”!

The Truth of usefulness is not found in weather or not we can prove it to others, it is in the course of using that very Truth in our own lives, making our lives useful, making our existence meaningful, and making this life worth pursuing that we find the most value.  The most useful Truths I’ve ever found are things that would be of little use to others, because to them it has no meaning:  my Truth is subjective, and though I could try to explain it, unless you could experience  it for yourself it would have little impact on your life.  We can experience my Truth, but you have to make it your own to be livable for you.

John Denver – Looking For Space

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