The selfless self!

“The Sage wants to remain behind,

But finds himself at the head of others;

Reckons himself out,

But finds himself safe and secure.

Is it not because he is selfless

That his Self is realized?”

           ~Lao Tsu

Anyone who has began the journey of loving another unconditionally will soon discover that the self, that inner part of us that always came first until this venture, must be made sacrifice for the good of the Beloved.  

This is what it means to pick up ones cross and follow after Christ.  I’ve never understood people who call themselves Christians and have never even attempted to realize the depth of this statement.  They will say “I love you”, but they mean “unless you do something  I can’t stand.”  They will say, “I love you” and then disown you over a disagreement over an inheritance, or forget you because of a slight, or malign behind your back because of some fault of character.  And against their own faith they will blame the non-Christian for acting against the Christian beliefs and excuse themselves for not loving them unconditionally.  Is it any wonder why the world doesn’t accept Christianity with open arms…it’s because of the Christians themselves.

If a Christian were to actually follow in the footsteps of Jesus instead of just worshiping the ground he walked on and learn from Him to love at least ONE other person with unconditional fervor, then they would find selfishness would become a virtue rather than an obstacle, because their deepest desire would be for the good and LOVE of another.

“And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.”  Matthew 10:38