Becoming One with the Day

I slip through the doorway into the the night with a silent movement.  In the darkness I again find my repose.  In the effortless tune of tranquility I hear the melody of the day begin to play as the pitch of black becomes deep blue.  The rhythm is already in motion through the taps upon the tin above me from the tears of the night born this morn as the joy of dawn.

A slight hush, a whisper, moves the crystal pendulum that rhymes the chimes to accompany the tap, tap, tap. The deepness of the blue softens and tones change to a lighter more blissful harmony with the view that now accompanies it, rich with greens, browns and whites as nature stretches forth and yawns with wakeful comfort of the the newness upon it.

This is my experience this morning in the grandeur of my meditative journey as I transition from night to day, shedding the dimness of partial existence and becoming complete with the birth of another day.