When giving Gifts think of the Receiver.

One of the things that I hate about birthdays and Christmas is the random accumulation of things that mean absolutely nothing to anyone, we just feel obligated to buy something so we do, and speaks no sentiment, and means nothing other than clutter to the one receiving it.

My Mom, bought me a gift today, for no reason other than to give her son a gift, which I think is the best reason…much better than for a specific day.  And what did I get?  A GIFT that is perfect for ME!

I am fascinated with Religions, Wisdom, Folklore, and Spirituality.  As can be seen by my posts, I love reading about them, experiencing what I am able to experience and writing about what I come to know.  Because my attention span is very difficult to keep focused for any given length of time, I read about 10 different books at a time, a little bit from each, every day!  I’m currently reading from several different forms of religion but One that I haven’t been reading from is the Jewish faith.

My Mom, got me the translated works of the Sefer Ha-Aggadh, The Book of Legends, it’s 900 page tome of stories and folklore from the Talmund and Midrash….some known through the old testament, but much of it is not contained there.  I’m excited!  I just strarted reading the Qur’an on Friday, and this gift at this time means a lot to me, NOW I can read both faiths, which have had so much contention through the centuries and see how Love speaks through both, what is fact and fiction, and come to understand these groups of people better, which in turn will allow me to write of them too a much greater depth.

It is a fantastic gift, THANK YOU, MOM!   🙂

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