Gospel of Thomas (v.4)

Jesus said, “The person advanced in days will not hesitate to ask an infant of seven days about the place of life, and that person will live.  For many who are first will be last and they will become a single one.” (v.4)


Androgynous: referring to an individual with both masculine and feminine characteristics.

There is much to the mystery here, but there are so many stories in common to ancient literature about becoming One.  A common theme in the Gospel of Thomas, and my opinion why the Council of Nicea did not include it in the Christian canon, is Jesus doesn’t teach an end time scenario of wrath and retribution against sinners, but rather a return to the beginning, a return to how things were prior to the division of Man and Woman.  He refers cryptically to the masculine and the feminine recombining to become One, forever.  Even in the Gospel of Matthew where he refers to the resurrection after a question about divorce and who’s wife would a woman be if married more than once, Jesus answers: “You are mistaken, not unstanding the Scriptures nor the power of God.  for in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.”  (Matthew 22:29-30)  This suggests there is no need for marriage and that there will be a change that takes place.

Often in the Christian Art through the history of the Church it is interesting to note that angels are given neutral features, having both masculine and feminine attributes.  This is also consistent with the balance of the Tao, in the Yin and Yang, which I find even more strength in because I believe God speaks through everything to every one and that it is a misnomer to believe that there is no Truth to be found outside of just an individuals personal Religion.  God desires to lead people into Unity, and unity with Love itself, and a Unity that was found prior to the division that separated Unconditional Love from the human race.  More importantly, a condition that is possible to rectify and begin to step into as we seek to Love as God Loves, without  judgement, without penalty, without CONDITIONS!

This is one of my favorite themes in the Gospel of Thomas, the unification of mankind with Unconditional Love and the reunification of the feminine and masculine.  Notice I don’t say male and female, that is because I believe there are feminine males and masculine females, and that God does NOT withhold Love from them, again a Love without CONDITIONS!