Sunsets in Hawaii

One of my favorite places on Earth is the Big Island of Hawaii.  And on that island I have many locations that are close to my Heart, places that inspire me, places that resonate with the Peace of my Soul, places that sing with the rhythm of the Universe, and I love the time I have spent in each of them, and plan to again.  There are many places in this world I wish to visit, and I know I will find in each of them some sacred spot that speaks to me, but Hawaii is always a place I will return again and again…I just fit there, a place I can always find myself when I get too much of the world going on in my head, so today I’m going to share a little bit about sunsets in my place of refuge.

The sunsets from Kakaha Kai are always beautiful.  There is an unpaved road that keeps this particular beach from being heavily populated by tourists, and is great place to find or lose oneself depending upon one’s perspective.  It’s never crowded, and often on the weekdays I could have most of the beach completely to myself.  I would stroll barefoot in the golden white sand as the waves gently wash up to my feet.  The only negative to this sereen scene is the proximity to the Kona airport places some airline traffic overhead occasionally throughout the day, and the military aircraft training pilots with touch and go’s in between the commercial flights.

As evening draws near I often like to have cigar, one that will last about an hour as I tune in to watch the majesty of this daily phenomenon we call sunset.  The colors begin to illuminate the sky, and the performance is always unique and always beautiful!  Hues of red, yellow, and orange often are part of this brilliant display, and sometimes there is magnificent purple and blues that make an ominous presence to the whole display with the ocean being the final curtain to the last act of the day as the sun slowly fades off stage.  I don’t believe I’ve ever watched a sunset and not been in awe of the grandeur of all that it reveals both in my vision, and in my soul.

There is a certain completion to PEACE that seems to be granted to me during the witness of this finality to the day, and I love the fact that I am allowed to experience the closure of this production over and over and over again!

Having recently moved away from Hawaii, I find I miss these scenes.  Yet, I treasure everyone I’ve been privaledged to enjoy and the moment resides with me even now, and I honestly believe will reside with me forever.

Everyone should suspend their world for a moment or two to see this work of art that can never honestly be captured or duplicated through film, brush, or pen.  It is something that has to be experienced and embraced.  I don’t just watch it like I watch the microwave heating my dinner, I stand in AWE and let the beauty transform me, and become me, so that I rise and set as One with the Sun, as when two Lovers come together and never part, bound for eternity…yes, I am bound for eternity. ❤

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